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Share Your Story:
Why I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine

There are a lot of reasons to get a COVID-19 vaccine, and we want to hear from Minnesotans what some of those reasons are.

We're asking people to share why they got themselves or their children vaccinated for COVID-19 to help encourage others to do the same. Maybe you recently got your updated bivalent booster to be better protected before seeing vulnerable family members for holidays in a couple of months. Maybe you wanted to make sure your children were protected for a new school year. Whatever your reason for getting vaccinated, we want to hear from you.

You can record a short video to submit to MDH and we will help share some of the reasons people are rolling up their sleeves.

Stories recorded in languages other than English are welcome and appreciated. A translation will be included with the video recording when edited.

Your stories

Share your story

Tell us why you and/or your children got vaccinated for COVID-19. Film a short video – less than 2 minutes – and tell us your story. Follow the instructions below to submit a story.

To submit your story:

  1. Film your story and save a video file.
  2. Print, sign, and attach a scan or photo of this release form: Photograph, Video and Audio Release Form (PDF).
  3. Attach your story and the release form to an email and send them to

Note: MDH is asking people to share why they got the COVID-19 vaccine. By submitting your story, you consent for MDH to publish your story along with your full name and any photos or videos you submit in print and/or digital media (including on State of Minnesota websites or social media channels). MDH will not share your contact information and will only use your email address to contact you about your story, if needed. By submitting your story, you also confirm that your story is original to you (not copied or plagiarized from others).

It is entirely your decision whether to share your story. Please do not include any information in your story, photo, or video that you are not comfortable sharing publicly.

MDH reserves the right to edit your story prior to posting for clarity or length. Submitting your story is not a guarantee that MDH will use or publish your story.

Tips for sharing your video story


  1. Clean off your lens.
  2. Set your phone horizontally, not vertical. Use a tripod, bookcase, or a stack of books. You want your phone's camera to be near eye level. Do not hold your phone.
  3. Check your background. Make sure there is nothing that should not be on video.
  4. Make sure there is a good source of light in front of you and not behind you.
    • Good light sources include windows, bright lamps, selfie ring lights, etc.
  5. Create a short script of the key messages you want to share. Here are some prompt ideas:
    • How has COVID-19 impacted your life?
    • What was/is your motivation to get vaccinated?
    • Why do you hope others (adults, teens, and kids) will get vaccinated/boosted?
    • Why are you using your voice to ask others to get vaccinated/boosted?
    • What are you most excited about now that you've been vaccinated/boosted, or what will you be most excited about after you are vaccinated/boosted?
  6. Record a short clip of yourself speaking to check the audio and make sure you are loud enough.


  1. When ready to start: press record, step back, take a breath, smile, and start talking.
  2. At the end of your video: pause for a second, smile, and then stop recording.
  3. We will be able to trim your video, so do not worry about having extra time at the beginning or end where you are not speaking.
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