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Data Privacy and MIIC Records

The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is a statewide immunization information system that stores electronic immunization records. MIIC combines immunizations a person has received into a single record, even if the vaccines were given by different health care providers in the state. MIIC also offers members of the public an easy way to keep track of immunization records for school, child care, athletic programs, camp entry, military, and employment.

How do immunization records get into MIIC?

An immunization record is created in MIIC a couple different ways.

  • The Office of Vital Records at the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) shares birth data with MIIC, which creates a MIIC immunization record.
  • A clinic or health care facility creates an immunization record which is then submitted to MIIC to create a new MIIC record. After that, any future data submitted to MIIC will be added to that record. This allows MIIC to combine immunization information from multiple providers to create a single record.

How are immunization records protected?

Protecting the privacy of individuals is very important to MIIC and the Minnesota Department of Health. MIIC is password-protected and accessible only by authorized users. The data in MIIC are classified as private and protected by the Minnesota Immunization Data Sharing Law, Minnesota Statues, Section 144.3351. Organizations participating in MIIC must sign a user agreement that outlines the privacy and security terms for authorized users.

Can I limit access to my or my child's record?

You always have the option to limit access or opt-out of having your or your child's immunization record in MIIC. If you choose to limit your or your child's participation in MIIC you may do so at any time. Options include:

  • Declining Immunization Reminders
    MDH or another public health agency may use MIIC to help them identify recommended vaccines and remind you about these immunizations. You may choose to decline these immunization reminders.
  • Limiting Access
    An individual may decide to have their MIIC record "locked" to their current health care provider. Once a MIIC record is locked it cannot be viewed by other organizations, including other health care providers, schools, and child cares. Anyone who decides to lock their MIIC record may elect to unlock the record at any time or have it locked to a different health care provider.
  • Opting Out
    An individual may decide to opt-out of participating in MIIC. After an individual opts-out of MIIC, the demographic record is locked so it is not available to any MIIC users. The record is not deleted because that is the only way to ensure users do not re-enroll the same individual. Anyone who initially decides to opt-out may elect at a later time to opt-in. There is no penalty to choosing not to participate in MIIC.

If you would like to limit your or your child's participation in MIIC, complete the MIIC Privacy Setting Change Request. If you have any additional questions, please contact the MIIC Help Desk at

How do I get notified of my or my child's record being in MIIC?

Letting individuals know that they have a record in MIIC is an important part of MIIC outreach efforts. Individuals are notified regarding their participation in MIIC and their right to limit participation in a number of ways:

  • Parent Notice of Official Birth Record
    After the birth of a baby, the new parents/guardians are given a copy of the "Parent Notice of Official Birth Record." On this form is a statement that notifies the parents/guardians of their child's automatic participation in MIIC. The statement explains that the information from the child's birth record is given to MIIC and also provides information on how to limit participation in MIIC. This form is distributed by most Minnesota counties, but counties do have the option to create their own form, too. In the event of a home birth, the state of Minnesota gives this form to all parents/guardians.
  • Keep Them Safe Vaccinate Brochure
    Many birthing centers give new parents the "Keep Them Safe Vaccinate" brochure which provides information on childhood immunizations, MIIC as a source for immunization records, and who to contact for questions or to limit participation in MIIC.
  • Clinic and Health Care Locations
    Health care facilities that use MIIC are responsible for notifying their patients about their participation in MIIC. Materials such as MIIC brochures, posters, and displays are available from MDH for use in waiting and exam rooms. 
  • Minnesota Department of Health Website
    Information about MIIC is available on the MDH website. For more information on MIIC please see the MIIC and the Public page.

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